"Les Chimères de Nerval"

(4,20m x3m)

© 1988, Gilbert Charles KIEFFER

"A translation painting of the poems by Gérard de Nerval. Each painting has a relative autonomy. The whole scene represents a vision, including deformations, INE perspective effects, as if it was a partition which could be visualized by a video camera."

Exploration of this work




© 1993, Gilbert Charles KIEFFER

"Hypnosie is an INE Polyptich. The work includes deformations and synthetizes the mythology of the Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. The forces of human dreams are vitalized by the inner life of tropical nature, through wind, clouds, lava and daydreams."

It is a mystical core.



© 1992, Gilbert Charles KIEFFER

"Soul dancers are floating between metaphysical transparencies and material memories of craters and mountains over vastness and emptiness.

Tremor is a deep noice which announces a pending eruption."


"Chopin, le Concerto des laves"


© 1988, Gilbert Charles KIEFFER

"This polyptych represents the symphony Opus XX Chopin wrote before he left Poland. It is a mystical message of human fraternity."