An "INE" (in French illusion no-euclidienne,non-Euclidian illusion) Installation is a new polyptic expression in painting. It presents 5 main features:


1. Each panel of the polyptic can be presented as a separate painting, but together with the other panels it builds a new vision (for that reason it cannot be confused with traditional polyptic, mosaic, nor puzzles). Each panel has its own personality, as an individual painting, but enters into visual continuity when put in place with the others.

2. The visual space of each painting, as well as that of the ensemble, includes distortions of Non-Euclidean perspective, planned to also be visualized by a mobile video camera. This camera can read the gravitational deformation included in the work. It all has to be thought out and built as a video partition.

3. Because of its global effect, the "INE" installation seeks a different goal for painting than mere illustration. It allows for a synthetic effect, adapted to projects like the translation of Apocalypse, under the title Visions of Non-Euclidian Illusion.

4. The exterior form itself may be meaningful (parabolic structure of the Apocalypse). It can look like a "happening", but with much more technical and intellectual exigencies.